1973 Aengus AE-105 Recording Console Mic Preamp Channel Strips – Lot of 5 from Indigo Ranch

1973 Aengus AE-105 Recording Console Mic Preamp Channel Strips – Lot of 5 from Indigo Ranch



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– 1973 Aengus AE-105 Recording Console Channel Strip Package
– Custom-Made FOR, and acquired from, Richard Kaplan’s Indigo Ranch Studio, this listing is for ALL (6) Aengus pieces currently available
– Chris Brunt informed Gearlord that the Indigo Ranch’s Aengus console was heavily modified and improved by Dean Jensen, Bart Johnson, and Chris Brunt. Chris explicitly relayed that “the improvement in audio performance was very noticeable… having spent over 15,000 hours sitting at the Ranch, and many hours modifying and improving it.” That this board “was lightyears head of its competitors in terms of audio quality, and it was always noticeable when working at other (top) studios. I always missed the pristine cleanliness of the Indigo Board…”
– The 105 module offers a Mic/Line pre that some believe is far superior to the API pieces which served as inspiration
– While countless albums were made at Indigo Ranch using the best Aengus console ever made, 10 Neil Young albums were made on an Aengus, in addition to; Aerosmith, James Taylor, The Cars, and many others having recorded with Aengus consoles
– Richard Kaplan was an incredibly sophisticated and highly technical engineer and producer, and he often claimed the Aengus EQ Modules Were By Far the Best Ever Made, and that the line amp and mic pres sounded better than their API counterparts. More importantly, Dean Jensen’s work on these strips is highly important as his ear and technical abilities are second to none.
– These channel strips are being sold as-is, as they will require both light service and a power suply
– All photos are of the actual channel strips
– We can safely ship these anywhere in the World!

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